Nurse Sipple is the eighth wonder of the world! Fully involved in helping the patient feel better. I feel lucky and blessed to have Nurse Sipple help me. Unconditional recommendation for healthcare, communication and all aspects of medical professionalism.

PAUL MICHAEL R. | Mar 02, 2024

This np and medical go out of their way to help me. I love this practice. I love the Dr. As well I do feel they did not read my entire medical report on my back because she only had the first page. But I intend to correct that. As far as how they treat me and how much they want to help. That is five star

TAMMY E. | Feb 29, 2024

I've had chronic low back pain for 5 years. I had been treated by another pain doctor for 4 years. I had given up hope on getting any permanent pain relief and had lost faith in this doctor. He told me there wasn't anything else he could do for me. A friend recommended Dr Reed and within 6 month's she has me almost pain free. Dr Reed and her staff are very professional.

JERRY M. | Feb 29, 2024

The office is always very friendly.

SUSAN E C. | Feb 28, 2024